Corporate Profile



NABIRM is an Africa focused oil & gas company with a portfolio of oil & gas assets in the Republic of Namibia.  Nabirm’s management team and partners have a track record of building successful companies driven by the formation, implementation and execution of business strategies. Our  mission is to establish an innovative, robust and dynamic enterprise that will spur sustainable company growth and augment shareholder value. In pursuit of this mission, Nabirm is developing a world-class energy exploration and production company focused in Namibia. We are fulfilling the strategy we set out in mid-2012 to build a pan-African portfolio of high upside exploration licences combined with near-term material drilling opportunities.


Technical Partners Oilfield International Plc.

Established in 1990, Oilfield International  provides technical, valuation, acquisition and contracts services to oil companies, to companies entering the oil industry by acquisition or startup, and to national governments. The company  has  hands-on experience of working worldwide, including the North Sea, Russia/CIS,  Africa, the Middle East (especially Iraq) the Americas and particularly in the Republic of Namibia.

Nabirm and Oilfield International have  teamed up for the acquisition and processing of between 150 – 800 KM of  2D seismic on Block 2113A (PEL 0058)  in the Walvis Basin in Namibia. Oilfield will work with Nabirm in making an assessment of the Geological Chance Of Success (“GCOS”) from the classical parameters (Structure/Trap; Seal, Reservoir; hydrocarbon charge; and Timing of hydrocarbon migration) using the available geological tools and data. This “Initial GCOS (“I-GCOS”) will be based on studies of: the depositional environment, Time-structure and Depth-converted maps (supported by seismic data and wells), geochemical studies of rocks, as well as properly balancing available well information.