About us

Nabirm is an oil & gas explorer focused on projects in politically stable and technically de-risked countries. The company’s  main focus in the immediate term is on exploration of the conjugate margin of the offshore Namibian continental shelf and it’s onshore basins. The company’s long term strategy is to build a pan-African portfolio of high upside exploration licences combined with near-term material drilling opportunities.

Nabirm is the holder of a Namibian Petroleum Exploration Licence 0058, held over Block 2113A. The license overlaps the under explored, distal offshore Walvis Basin and the proximal onshore Huab Basins, south of the Walvis Ridge in South West Africa. The License is held jointly by Nabirm  (90%) and the National Petroleum Corporation of Namibia (Pty) Ltd NAMCOR (10%). In addition to the license, Nabirm and NAMCOR are parties to a Petroleum Agreement (‘PA’)and Joint Operating Agreement(‘JOA’) between them and the Government of the Republic of Namibia  through its Ministry of Mines & Energy.

Nabirm is embarking on a full diversification of its oil and gas assets across basins and other regions in Africa firstly by identifying multiple high-impact prospects, acquiring large initial working-interest positions in those acreages and de-risking the overall portfolio by ensuring that they are in geologically promising shallow and deep-water locations.