Underpinning all of Nabirm’s activity is a focus on managing risk with a number of steps that are focused on balancing the Company’s risk exposure and guarding capital. This is intended to ensure that the Company is able to sustain its development in order to carry out  its goal of discovering material hydrocarbon accumulations.

Capital discipline

Nabirm is dedicated to applying capital discipline in all that it does. All projects are carefully analyzed and an opportunity’s risk versus value is measured at each stage of its development, ensuring that the portfolio is managed in line with its potential to deliver transformational growth.

Strategic partnerships

As a cost reduction strategy,  Nabirm looks to secure partners at each significant phase of investment. Through this partnering Nabirm aims to validate the potential of its current and future assets, improve the quality of the technical description through the contributions of these partners and fund exploration activities.

 Strategic positioning

Nabirm aims to identify high potential under explored regions of the industry, acquiring large equity positions at low cost with minimal commitment. As industry interest increase within these areas, Nabirm uses its vintage point to position itself as a “fast follower” rather than a “player opener” allowing it to use its own technical evaluation, as well as the integration of information from the outcome from third party activity. This enables the company to de- risk its assets as far as possible prior to drilling, ensuring stakeholders are exposed to the highest chance of success with a lower capital expenditure.